Blackberry Amber


Ok.  Amber is solidified tree sap.  What does it smell like?  Nothing.

It is popular because a group of perfumers got together and said,

“What should it smell like?”  A bit warm, bit earthy, bit gentle, and a big golden.

It is extremely popular, and doesn’t smell that fruity to me.  Very popular lotion, too.



5 oz bar

Ingredients:   Sustainable palm oil, olive and coconut oils, water, sodium hydroxide, beer, castor oil, goat milk, fragrance, sodium lactate, and mica.

Water is necessary, but too much becomes the enemy of your bar.  Don’t let the shower just run on it, and make sure you use a soap dish that drains.

Do not eat, do not wash your eyes, and discontinue use if irritation occurs.


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