Free shipping with a $ 50 purchase

I live in the Appalachian Aspen…known for blue grass music, beautiful scenery, and multitudinous artisans.

As a special gift to y’all this 2020 annus horribilis, the Floyd, Virginia chamber of commerce is giving customers a discount off online purchases until November 9.  Go to this link to get a coupon code, giving you a $10 discount off of a purchase of $30.

If you order 50 to get free shipping, and then use the 10$ coupon, it will try to charge you shipping as it takes you below 50.  If this happens to you, please contact me and we can do the charge a different way.  I’m still working on it, believe me.

We are still under construction with the new host.  Please contact me with any questions or problems. Thank you for your patience.